To New Orleans and Back, October 2021

A reunion of old college friends was planned for October in New Orleans. I usually drive Pigpen west, north, or south from Denver, but I’d never gone east/southeast. It would have been simpler to fly, but not nearly as interesting. So, I took a week and made a trip out of it that would eventuallyContinue reading “To New Orleans and Back, October 2021”

Colorado Backyard Trip, Summer 2021

Sometimes I forget, living in Denver, that the actual world-famous Rocky Mountains are just a few miles away. With no long distance trips planned for the summer, I decided to take advantage of a few days off work and, with no set destination, ended up traveling to several places in Colorado I’d never been: Crestone,Continue reading “Colorado Backyard Trip, Summer 2021”

Quick and Troublesome Mountain Escape, May 2021

I was able to get a couple of days off last week and decided to head into the mountains for two nights before coming back in for a concert at Red Rocks. I spent the first night in a perfectly deserted, beautiful spot in the Buffalo Creek Wilderness. The next morning, I headed south toContinue reading “Quick and Troublesome Mountain Escape, May 2021”