A/C Project

Last year, I added the high top and a diesel furnace to the Syncro because I wanted it to be a true four-season camper. What I neglected to consider is that summer is a season as well, and traveling in 90+ degree heat with the windows down absolutely sucks. I needed to add air conditioning. The old rear AC system was completely destroyed, so I embarked upon an aftermarket in-dash install. Here are a few photos of the process.

Cottonwood Pass/Taylor Res/Crested Butte

I went on a short walkabout last weekend to a few places in Colorado I’d never been. I went down through Buena Vista and over Cottonwood Pass, camping on the west side of the pass in Gunnison National Forest Friday night. Saturday I went past Taylor Reservoir and hiked at Lottis Creek and followed it up with a county road/jeep trail outside of Crested Butte to a stunner of a campsite about 10,500 feet up. I had a couple of mechanical issues but overall it was a fantastic getaway.

Four Corners 2020

A friend and I decided to take an early-season trip from Denver to south of Sedona, AZ in late February, hoping the weather would hold up and the mountain bike trails would be dry. We were lucky to have perfect conditions. My buddy got some good rides in while I found out that I’m sorely out-of-shape for riding a bike! Our vans did great, though, which is much more important.